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  1. Myth: I heard Questrade has bad support. Questrade is 20 years old. Support at Questrade might have had ups and downs. Also, problems can happen and when they happen, they might be amplified on social media. Maybe there was a time a few years ago when Questrade was not the greatest at support but recent reviews praise its support services
  2. On the negative side, the amount of financial information available on Questrade is quite limited compared with other brokers. Being regulated by a top-tier authority, offering high investor protection and insurance, and having been in operation for a long time are all great signs for Questrade's safety
  3. , but I think this can be avoided if you aren't using their web app. I'd really recommend just opening an account and seeing for yourself
  4. Questrade, your commercials suck harder than Kimmy Granger. Seriously f off with that bull shi— crap and hire a new advertising firm. Your services have been fine for me, but every time I see one of your commercials it makes me want to kill myself and switch brokerages, just not sure which order I want to do it in
  5. Questrade Review. Questrade serves Canadian investors with a range of financial products alongside flexible trading platforms and account types. Whilst fees are competitive, the funding options are limited when compared to other online brokers

To be fair, Qtrade is far from being the worst Canadian brokerage available. We rank Qtrade #5 on our own Best Canadian Brokerage Ranking. Mostly because of the lack of features on its trading app. If you want something minimal and don't trade that often, then it might be an acceptable fit for you Questrade trading platforms really suck. Constantly has problems and nobody at Questrade does anything about it. Their first contact staff (if you can find someone to talk to - their call waiting time can exceed an hour sometimes) are very polite but highly incompetent Questrade had better understand lower commission does not justify bad service Customer service has really tanked. The lines to call can take from 2-3 hours and simple procedures done within minutes in other platforms are taking days and sometimes weeks

my USD balance was $0, and i bought a USD ETF. everything went through fine without warning, and a day later i log in and see that my CAD balance is now -$30. my USD balance is 0. i'm assuming this was because questrade automatically converted my CAD balance to USD to buy the ETF, and since i didn't have enough, lent me $30 on margin to cover the difference Why Questrade. See the reasons people switch and hear how they're taking control of their financial future. Reviews. Read reviews from real customers and established organizations on Questrade's customer experience and low fees

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Is Questrade Safe? It is safe to invest with Questrade. Just like the big banks, Questrade is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Money invested with Questrade is insured up to $10 million per account in case of bankruptcy The Questwealth Balanced Portfolio has an annual fee of 0.41%, compared to mutual funds that have an average annual fee of 2.16% (94 comparable Class-A Canadian Global Neutral Balanced Funds). This is based on an initial investment of $30,000 and a yearly contribution of $3,000, compounded annually over 30 years Questrade is a safe online brokerage option, as Questwealth Portfolios is a safe robo-advisor. Questrade, as a whole, is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ( IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ( CIPF ) I personally spoke with a Questrade agent about my question. To make a long story short: in a margin account, you are automatically issued a loan when buying U.S. stock with a Canadian money. Whereas, in a registered account (e.g. RRSP), the amount is converted on your behalf to cover the debit balance.. Conversation details. Me: What happens if I open an account and I place an order for U.S.

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  1. Questrade Monthly or Annual Fees There are no annual or monthly fees at Questrade. The only exception is Registered education savings plan (RESP) with less than $15,000 balance. Then $50 annual fee applies. Questrade Inactivity Fee Questrade does not charge account inactivity fee anymore. Questrade Commission Structure and Investment Product
  2. Questrade's service is more of a no-thrills platform but it does offer some added bonuses. Questrade's 'Intraday Trader' gives a user access to technical pattern recognition, customizable watchlists as well as educational and learning opportunities. However, a monthly subscription to a data plan is required
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  4. $4.95, max $9.95) to sell ETFs. ECN Fee

At times, negative balances could also occur in registered accounts as result of market data fees or due to mandatory payments made from your registered account to you. Customers who carry a negative cash balance in their registered accounts will typically get a detailed email with a request to make a payment within a specific timeframe QUESTRADE IS THE WORST BROKER EVER! So many hidden charges, and hidden fees, and restrictions, coupled with terrible customer service, and a confusing platform. This is just a bad company. Do not recommend. I get better service from my regular bank, even if it's not great Why Questrade didn't add a navigable link back to the library on the My Apps page — if you've already added at least one app — is beyond me. Either this is an oversight, or a bug. I've reported this problem to them Questrade has long reigned supreme as the best discount brokerage in Canada for investors who want to save on commissions and fees. But the emergence of Wealthsimple Trade threatens to usurp Questrade's crown. When Wealthsimple Trade launched in March 2019, it only offered non-registered or taxable investment accounts

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QUESTRADE PROS: Very economical commissions- $4.95 per trade, you really can't beat that! Max is $9.95 per trade (if you are buying high volume) It's Free to Buy ETFs- This helps reduce the investing fees substantially and makes it comparable to investing in TD index e-series. This is one of the major reasons why Questrade is so great Questrade is the most popular online discount brokerage platform in Canada. Here's how Wealthsimple Trade compares to Questrade: 1. Fees. Wealthsimple Trade has no fees for buying and selling stocks and ETFs. Questrade does not charge a fee when you purchase ETFs, however, a minimum fee of $4.95 per trade applies when you sell Examples of Negative Amounts in the Equity Section. If the current year's net income is reported as a separate line in the owner's equity or stockholders' equity sections of the balance sheet, a negative amount of net income must be reported. The negative net income occurs when the current year's revenues are less than the current year's expenses

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  1. Wealthsimple Trade offers zero-commission trading (buy/sell) for both ETFs and stocks. Questrade offers free ETF purchases, and stock trades for as low as $4.95. Questrade supports a wide array of accounts such as RESPs, LIRAs, Margin, and Corporate. Wealthsimple Trade only supports RRSP, TFSA, and non-registered accounts
  2. Step 3: Buy DLR.TO During Trading Hours. We will now begin the actual process of Norbert's Gambit by buying shares of DLR.TO on the Questrade trading platform. The great thing about Questrade is that there is no commission fee for buying ETFs, so you only need to decide whether or not you want to incur ECN fees
  3. Questrade, however, This can be considered a good or a bad thing, I was scared of transaction fee at a regular broker but now i know why they exist

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While an occasional candy bar can be part of an otherwise healthy diet, eating candy regularly can negatively affect your health. Too much candy can provide you with large amounts of unhealthy substances, such as sugars and fats 9. Competition with renewables. Investment in nuclear plants, security, mining infrastructure, etc. draws funding away from investment in cleaner sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Financing for renewable energy is already scarce, and increasing nuclear capacity will only add to the competition for funding. 10 6 Reasons Why Gaming is Bad for Your Health. Some even say that excessive gaming can be as bad as smoking and gambling, but what exactly does make gaming so detrimental? In this blog, find out the truth about all the negative effects of gaming and how we can lessen it Why are poor countries poor? There is probably no simple answer to that question. Most likely, there are numerous factors that play a role. This essay is an attempt to enumerate and discuss these factors

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  4. Questrade covers your losses up to 100% in the case that Questrade is at fault. No, they won't cover you if you log into Questrade at your local library and leave your account open when you leave. And no, they won't cover you if you are downloading some shady documents or files that happen to infect your computer with malware and it gains access to your account

But the rest of you, beware, and consider these 5 reasons why tattoos are a bad idea. Charlize Theron's blurry fish is a good example of why you want to make sure to get a great artist. If not, the tattoo bleeds and blurs and looks like crap. 1 Questrade is the online broker that I've been using for a few years now, and it's the one I recommend to people who want to do their own investing. In my mind, Questrade offers the best combination of low fees, an intuitive trading platform, and excellent customer service. Opening an account is a breeze, and help never far when you need it Technology is rapidly changing but attitudes about race, class, ethnicity, stereotypes, and sexism are very prevalent in our society. Sanxuary on June 08, 2014: Stereo typing is always wrong when it's a false assumption based on no true facts. Even if it is true the question why can be a false assumption, such as cultural etiquette Questrade sign up FAQs. Next Steps: Buying and Rebalancing. Step 1: Getting started with Questrade and choosing accounts. The first step to sign up to Questrade is to follow this referral link or use the offer code 5c7adaa406cd9 to start this process. This will allow you to redeem $50 in free trade credits

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Why is TransUnion vs. Equifax credit score different? This is mostly due to the different formulas (algorithms) used by the companies to compute your score. My TransUnion score started assessing my credit score as 'excellent' when I reached 800, whereas, for Equifax, I qualified for 'excellent' status since my score was around 760 or so Why AI Powered Creative Is The Most Important Change In Advertising Development History Jun 2, 2021, 03:49pm EDT The Pandemic Has Been A Boom Time for Amazon Agency Canop The reason a person should never, no matter how terrible his crimes, be discarded like only so much trash, is that we wish to respect that feature shared by all the rest of us. A mass murderer may be as awful a person as you can imagine, but no decent, sober person in the light of day wants to torture him to death; to do so would be to, as it were, discard his dignity, his humanity itself Today's free college policies are misguided. Here are 5 reasons why, from how they don't tackle the root cause of why college costs so much to how they could confine students' ultimate.

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Red meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that can have profound effects on health Why EU minimum wage is actually bad idea for workers. Accepting that the EU has legislative powers in the area of wages would put us on a dangerous path - it could be used to increase the lowest levels of pay, but in a recession or financial crisis, it could be used to lower wages (Photo: Andrew Willis) Stockholm, 13. Jan 2020, 07:01

Why Is Bing Such a Bad Search Engine? Posted on November 17, 2014 July 10, 2019 by Michael Martinez. Although I wrote this article in November 2014, I have used Bing as my primary search engine for several years. I think it is a very good search engine News is bad for you. It leads to fear and aggression. It hinders your creativity and makes you sick. We should stop consuming it, says Rolf Dobelli , who's abstained for year

SAFe combined with Lean enables organizations to scale the benefits of Lean and Agile throughout every level of the organization, creating efficiencies, and linking strategy to execution. As can be seen in the Scaled Agile case studies, organizations across the globe leverage SAFe to achieve business results and transform into a digital business Why Meat Is Bad For Your Health There is a great amount of evidence warning us of the health risks of eating meat, so today I want to look at why meat is bad for your health. Despite evidence from the World Health Organisation and their warning that eating processed meat increases the risk of cancer, many of us still don't want to know about the real dangers of meat consumption

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Why are trans fats bad for you, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats good for you, and saturated fats somewhere in-between? For years, fat was a four-letter word. We were urged to banish it from our diets whenever possible. We switched to low-fat foods Questrade -why is it so difficult to withdraw my money. I have a significant amount of cash in questrade. According to their policy, I can ETF withdraw upto $25k / day. It submitted 1st request of $25k, took them many days of process. Then, it put in another request

why is necro considered a huge offence . I see a lot of people getting really angry because someone necro-ed a post , i personally don't mind getting a notification about an old post i did a while ago. For me, it's the incompetence that somebody can't take the two seconds to look at the post date. Not to mention, that particular issue may not. This is a reason why FNaF is GOOD. Not bad. Rick & Morty makes no sense and no one hates that show because of this reason! Complicated cryptic puzzle pieces to put the story together is a smart way to make a story. Don't just give away the story and clarify what happens. Lore is a good idea. #3: The fandom is cance Shining a Light on Shein's Unethical Labor Practices. Their recent release of offensive products has consumers outraged, but the company's fast fashion practices and sweatshops hurt much more than feelings. By Reem Farhat, Fordham University. Post Views: 224,873. In just a single week, Shein released two apologies for selling offensive items Saying that most VR games have poor graphics is a bit exaggerated. Games like Robo Recall or Archangel have surely a good graphics. But it is true that generally the graphics of VR games is inferior to the one of standard desktop games and the rea.. Here are three reasons why we should rethink this: There is no limit in qualitative learning. Grades, however, are like a glass ceiling that students do not break through. This is because more often than not, obtaining a grade signals the end of a learning process. A grade strongly affects the student-teacher relation

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Why does the media still think video games are bad for kids? Scott Steinberg says the media focuses on the negative aspects of video games instead of their redeeming qualities. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Pork is one of the most commonly consumed meats in the world, but it may also be the most harmful. Here are four hidden dangers of pork

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Why protectionism is bad? Ask Question Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 1k times 1. 1 $\begingroup$ can you please explain from the economic point of view, why protectionism is bad? If sometimes it. But the more I do this, the less I'm sure of. Like Tolstoy's unhappy family, every poor country is poor in its own way, and everyone I meet has a narrative, a creation myth, for how it got this way and why it remains so. I will spend the next 10 days meeting NGO activists, government officials, and business representatives Why healthy eating is bad for young people's health: identity, belonging and food Soc Sci Med. 2011 Apr;72(7):1131-9. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.12.029. Epub 2011 Feb 24. Authors Martine Stead 1 , Laura McDermott, Anne Marie Mackintosh, Ashley Adamson. Affiliation 1 Institute for.

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Why is Eritrea Poor? It easy to simply throw every poor country into the same bucket and assume that it will always remain so. However, every nation has a different past and a different culture, which is one of the reasons that we must take these factors into account when judging how well they fare today Why Microsoft Word Really Sucks: It Was Invented In A Paper-Powered World. Can you list how Word has changed for the better in 20 years? Because we really can't Yes you read the title right, a recession can be a good thing! With all the doom and gloom talk of recessions, I think it's time to look at the other side of the coin. That is, the positive aspects that recessions can bring. Even though recession means the shrinking of the economy, it can have many benefits to the everyday person and family 5 Reasons Why Batman Is Really A Bad Guy. by Patrick Dane. May 9, 2013 May 9th, 2013. We all love Batman

Six Reasons Why Chromebooks Are a Bad Idea. Not everyone thinks Google's attempt to reinvent the computer will work. by . Tom Simonite archive page; May 12, 2011 Reasons Eating Junk Food Is Not Good. Junk food is food that is calorie-dense and nutrient poor. In recent decades, junk food, fast food and convenience food consumption in the United States have increased dramatically, with 25 percent of people now consuming predominantly junk food diets. This trend has occurred. Facebook has worst effects on the personal lives of everyone , Facebook is harming the health beyond the measures. Well, I agree with you that Facebook has worst effects most of the times on many lives, but to be very frank I don't think it is BAD for all. All we need to do is to work & use it in very proper and safe way Why GDP Is a Terrible Metric for Success and Wealth. Ideas. By David Pilling January 25, 2018 6:41 AM EST Pilling is the Africa editor.

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As of late, there has been a lot of talk regarding wrapped tokens. Specifically, Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) continues to surface as one of the prime examples of why wrapping tokens is beneficial to all. The concept of wBTC emerged in a bid to improve Bitcoin's functionality and usability. Consequently, these tokens help provide more sophisticated [ Why Twitter May Be Ruinous for the Left. Twitter exhibits a curiously tight grip on American culture, Robinson Meyer argued last month. Tweets are embedded in news stories, screencapped for. Question: Why does India have a space agency if it is so poor? Answer: Running a country is not like running a household with tight budget; multiple things can be and must be done simultaneously to cater to the requirements of different segments of society. Requirements of the poor is different from those of other social segments The United States must produce more electricity to keep up with increasing demand, but relying on foreign companies to build nuclear plants means fewer jobs for Americans in the energy sector. 4.

Why a War With China Would Be a Terrible Idea. Millions dead. by Robert Farley Follow drfarls on Twitter L. Key Point: Simulations show that a war would be disastrous Planting Certain Trees Is Actually Kinda Bad for the Environment. By Sophie Kleeman. Feb. 9, 2016. Share. Plant a tree, save the Earth, or so the thinking goes Homework is a good opportunity to connect parents, classmates, and siblings with your education. The better your support network, the more likely you are to succeed in class. Homework, however tedious it might be, teaches responsibility and accountability. For some classes, homework is an essential part of learning the subject matter Why are men so terrible? Diane Barth is a psychotherapist explains why men behave badly. Many people, including clients, have begun asking what's wrong with men. The answer is complicated With business surging, why bother selectively dinging a bad — but accurate — review? Airbnb is largely meant to be self-regulating, and candid reviews, in theory, help keep everybody honest. After fishing around for information about how often Airbnb deletes negative reviews, I came across an interesting Quartz article from 2018 Saturated fat has a bad rap, but you may wonder whether the criticism is warranted. This article takes a deep dive into the latest findings in nutrition research to shed light on saturated fat and.

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