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In this video i'll teach you how to create your very own icons with the image editor Gimp 2. I also show you how to create a shortcut on your desktop to your.. All you need is GIMP and a square image.1) Open the image in GIMP. If it isn't square already, crop it2)... Ever wanted to change the icon of a program you use How to Make Icons Using Gimp : Computer Icons. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next In this GIMP 2.10 tutorial, I show you how to design a flat web icon for use on websites (for web designers) or anywhere you wish to use an icon! I'll show y..

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  1. Support my channel on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/PhotoAdvancedInkscape tutorials - http://youtube.com/photoadvanced2Follow me on Twitter - http://twit..
  2. um layer and click Alpha to Selection. Go to the new layer you created, and go to Select>Shrink... And shrink the selection by 5-10 pixels. Now go to the gradient tool and pick FG to BG
  3. Using GIMP to create a Fibaro icon (128 x 128 px png with transparent background) This is about working with images that are already created. It's important to remember that the background in both the webui and apps is dark so I dark image will probably not work well
  4. How to create ICONS with GIMP 1. Create an Image in GIMP that fits 128x128 (or 36x36) px box 2. If the size is bigger than that you might want to adjust it. Remember that it may look pixelated depending on how it... 3. Save as GIMP (in case you want to edit it again) 4. Save/Export the file as PNG.
  5. Creating the Icon 1. Change the canvas size. Click Image → Canvas Size. In the window that appears, click the chain icon to unlink the... 2. Adjust the color. If you want, you can use GIMP's color tools to change the coloration of the image. 3. Create the different icon sizes. The final step in.
  6. I am very new to GIMP, I'm running it on my Acer Aspire Alpha 12 two-in-one notebook. I opened it for the first time just now, and the various menus (Tools, tool options, layers / brushes, etc.) are very, very tiny, so much so that I can't see them well, and certainly can't select them very easily or accurately
  7. Go to (GIMP 2.2: Layer /) Colors / Brightness & Contrast and lower the brightness by -25, set the contrast to +25. 19 Now make the background visible again and fill it white. Draw a rectangle selection over the bottom (the flipped) arrow

GIMP 2.10 comes with a slightly different look than many of you may be used to. In some cases, the user interface may be darker than previous versions, and the icons may take on a different look as well (which can make it more difficult to find the tools you commonly use) vector icon sets with an SVG file type and download GIMP. Step 1: Open the resource in Gimp and locate the icon you wish to use Download the Medialoot SVG icon resource and unzip it on your desktop. Then, open GIMP and create a new document with a transparent background In this video i'll teach you how to create your very own icons with the image editor Gimp 2. I also show you how to create a shortcut on your desktop to your sourc Good news; but still, setting up layers at the various resolutions/bit-depths Windows expects is still pretty onerous. Enter iconify, a Script-fu plugin for Gimp. Using iconify, I was able to start with my highest resolution icon (256×256 w/ 32-bit color): Large resolution Ookibloks icon in Gimp After GIMP hit the online market, Kimball, and Mattis, now known as the GIMP Development Team, have been reliably cranking out major updates regularly since the mid-1990s.Since then, GIMP has been ported to many different systems, allowing nearly any computer user experience free image manipulation software

When creating an icon (.ico) file for an app or file type it should include images for all resolutions/sizes, for example depending on what view Windows Explorer is set to (List up to Thumbnails) the required icon range from 16x16 to 64x64. Gimp makes it very easy to create these multi-res icon files, using th Once you have created the full gamut of icon file sizes, you can create the .ico image. Open the largest of the icon images in The GIMP. Right-click on the image and select File->Open as Layers... and select all the other icon images. This will create a single image with a layer containing each of the other icon images

Open the image with GIMP and select the Resize tool. Click the image once and enter the number 16 in both fields and click resize. Again, Select to Crop and click the tiny image. Make sure the Position is reading 0 in both fields and that the Size is reading 16 in both fields GIMP is a free image editor for multiple platforms. In the latest version of GIMP software, some toolbox icons will be smaller. This wikiHow help you to resize these icons in few steps. Open the GIMP software on your computer. Search for.. The 16x16 icons will need to be heavily edited by hand using a 1 pixel wide pencil and the eyedropper tool to make them look any good. Do not change colour depth / Mode in GIMP. Leave it as RGB; You change the colour depths when you save as an .ico - GIMP pops up a special dialog box for changing the colour settings for each laye Create a new file in GIMP. After you create still images for each frame of your animation, create a new file in GIMP. Make sure the the width and height of the file match the width and height of your animation frames. Use the following steps to open a new file in GIMP GIMP can generate such an ICO file from multiple layers. Whether you have your various size icons as PNGs or JPEGs or a single SVG file, you can import them into a GIMP document using the Open as Layers function from GIMP File menu

My idea is to make a flashing web banner, to draw the attention at something important. I presume that you have already installed GIMP in Ubuntu or whichever operating system you are using. Let's start making the GIF. Step 1. From the File menu, click on Open as Layers and select all the images you want to include in the GIF. Then click Open This wikiHow teaches you how to make an entire image transparent when using the GIMP editor, Open GIMP. The GIMP app icon resembles a dog-like face holding a paint brush in its mouth. GIMP may take a few minutes to open if you haven't recently opened it The Android Developers link is a bit confusing because it mentions DPI, but you shouldn't be worrying about that. DPI is important for the devices, but it's not necessary for designing the icons (I don't normally use Gimp so I don't know if it has an automatic way of preparing files for different resolutions, but I'll assume you want to do it manually and will create copies for each size) 1 GIMP Step 1: Setting GIMP Up. Alright, so you installed GIMP and fired it up, it will probably look similar to this.. To open GIMP in one window, you go to Windows > Single-Window Mode. Step 2: Making the background transparent. Now open the image you want to make transparent.I've chosen this image:. But you can use whatever image you like Open Image and Add Alpha Channel As usual, load the image in GIMP and add alpha channel. You can right-click on the image layer and select Add Alpha Channel from the menu. Step 2

How to Convert Pictures to Icons Using GIMP - YouTub

  1. You can disable this by click the chain icon between the two boxes. When you are happy with your settings, click Scale to change the image size. Create Clouds Using GIMP. How to. Straighten a Horizon Using Gimp. How to. Change Hair Color in GIMP. How to. Remove a Background Using the GIMP Paths Tool
  2. Create your own Scrivener icons using Gimp tutorial. Posted by Candace Vianna on March 11, 2015 September 25, 2015. Those of you who've followed me for a while know I'm a big software fan-girl of Scrivener and Scrapple (both programs produced by Literature & Latte.
  3. Guess Icon Size From Resolution - GIMP will find the resolution of your monitor and will resize accordingly. The higher the resolution, the smaller the icon. Use Icon Size From the Theme - icon size will default to the size created for that theme.; Custom Icon Size - this is my personal choice. Use the slider underneath to adjust from Small, Medium, Larger, or Huge

Create minimalistic app icons in 10 steps using Gimp. We require icons at many places in our work. Either for an application or any custom script we need different icons to identify them. So today I'm explaining to you a very easy beginner level tutorial for creating minimalistic beveled icons In this case, we're going to learn how to make 3-D logos from flat images using two well-known freeware programs: GIMP and Blender. Preparing the flat image in GIMP The first thing we'll need is the image that we're going to use as our base

Thanks to GIMP, or the GNU Image Manipulation Program, it's never been easier and more affordable to create epic looking thumbnails and high-quality logos.GIMP is a free to use, open-source answer to image editors looking for an Adobe Photoshop alternative. It's also quite beginner friendly and has a thriving community filled with tips and tricks to help produce the alterations and. Since I only have a few emoji type icons I want to make, I think I will just have to look up what size I need to fit into a text line, and upload the png to a photo hosting site, and use direct link. Unless there is an easier way to link. Gimp Toolkit icons: 4. Christmas Icons pack: 9 If you didn't use GIMP for a quite while already and have just installed it again on your computer, there is a thing you need to know. Since version 2.10.8, tools in GIMP are grouped. That is why on GIMP 2.10.18 (and maybe the upcoming releases), you will see fewer tools on the Toolbox I just installed Gimp 2.10.0 and I find that the size of the icons on my 4K screen are too tiny to use. (As an example, on my 15 diag. screen, the brush icons are approximately 0.10 inches wide, tool icons are approx. 0.15 inche

Creating your own YouTube Thumbnails is very easy to do using GIMP 2. You will not need to use a thumbnail generator, simply create your own advanced professional Thumbnails for free. GIMP 2 is a free open source alternative to expensive software like Photoshop Making a Whole Image Transparent 1. The GIMP app icon resembles a dog-like face holding a paint brush in its mouth. GIMP may take a few minutes to open... 2. Open an image in GIMP. Click File in the top-left corner of the window (Windows) or the screen (Mac), then click Open. 3. Click Windows. This. Last year I started a series of quick mapping tips, meant to be read over lunch, that would cover a series of different questions. These are posted daily to my Google+ and Facebook pages. Rather than post them up everyday on here, I've opted to collate them on a weekly basis and plan to post Continue reading A Week of Mapping Tips - City Icons, and drawing Mountain GIMP's robust suite of tools and features allow you to manipulate your images in many different ways. One of the ways in which you can edit your photos is by isolating a single color — or a spectrum of similar colors — and deleting it to transparency [How To] Create an Image and Text Logo using GIMP. Find out how to create a beautiful logo from a photo and apply the mesmerizing golden dust effect in the background. A must-watch for those vying to stand out from the crowd

Whether you're using rectangles, circles, or both, try to loosen up and see how you can build your icon by focusing on its main composing sections. Once you've laid down your foundation, you can then start adjusting the main building blocks and gradually add details to them until you reach the desired form There are multiple ways to convert images into favicons. We even have a Favicon Generator tool.But it's better to have offline options to accomplish goals. Below we cover how to create a favicon using GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).. Create Favico When using the QuickMask mode, a new channel is created for its content. This can be seen in the Channels panel. To make it visible, go to Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Channels. Inside, you'll find a Red, Green, and Blue channel In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a spherical collage using Ellipse Select Tool ( Tools> Selection Tools> Ellipse Select) and the Spherize filter ( Filters> Distorts> Spherizee) included with GIMP.To create reflection, we'll use a layer mask ( Layer> Mask> Add Layer Mask) and the gradient tool ( Tools> Paint Tools> Gradient)

I recently needed to make an icon look like an iOS style app icon -- a rounded rectangle with transparent corners -- and to do that I needed to learn how to create a rounded rectangle in Gimp.This tutorial contains a short step-by-step description of how to do this After typing the text onto the frame, GIMP will create a floating selection, that you need to position right using the move tool and anchor using Ctrl+H. The positioning might be crucial for the final animation, so you can use the following trick to make the positioning a piece of cake Basically, GIMP has to create entirely new pixel information so it can enlarge the image properly. Without this step, you would have a scaled up image that looked slightly pixelated. Cubic Option - The color of each pixel is selected based on the eight corresponding pixels around it to make up it's color GIMP is a well-known free image processing program, it works on Windows as well as Linux, GIMP allows users to read and write an icon without any restrictions. 4, Using a Dedicated Icon Editor Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a free, lightweight and easy using application developed to create icons and cursors, plus, it supports filters and layers

When writing my blog post about Clicking Through Clipped Images Using CSS Pointer Events, SVG Paths and VML, I needed to figure out how to create SVG paths from scratch. The problem is that they look so complicated and are not intuitive enough to produce by hand. However, I came across a cheap and simple way of creating SVG paths using the GIMP Gimp FAQ: How do I draw a circle in Gimp?. I just used Gimp to create several circle images in my iPhone Safari browser privacy and security tutorial, and this is a short tutorial on how I created them.For purposes like that I create hollow circles to highlight something in the original image, so I'll demonstrate that here, and I'll also show how to create solid circles in Gimp, which are. Here is an example of how to create a menu icon using the four steps above: 1. Creating a menu icon in Inkscape. I assume you already have Inkscape up and running. Create a new empty document. Go to File -> Document Properties, set the Document Width and Height to 72 px, then close the Document properties window Layers make image manipulation so easy. Check this tutorial to know more about layers in GIMP and how to use them

For my own icons, I used Gimp, which is a photo editing tool, probably similar to Photoshop Elements, but it's free, open source, and there's lots of tutorials on the internets. However, this tutorial will teach you how to use Ribbet, an online tool whose premium features are free right now, since PicMonkey has started charging for some of their more advanced services Resizing an Image using GIMP. You use the Scale Image feature to resize images in GIMP. Here, we'll resize the little face that we created in the last lesson. So, The chain icon constrains the proportions of the image — it forces height and width to stay proportional to each other GIMP - Create and Convert JPG to ICO Icon. You can run GIMP to free convert JPG picture to ICO icon. And it is also supported to change JPG photo as ICO format. • Produce icons, graphical design elements and other artworks for free You can use GIMP to change the color of logos, icons, etc., Whether your transparent image is black or has some other color, GIMP will help you in recoloring it easily. There are three methods to.

How to Make Icons Using Gimp : Computer Icons - YouTub

Paint .Net is a little easier to use than GIMP and feels like a much lighter program than GIMP. If all you're doing is converting files, I suggest just using this one. 1) Download and install Paint dot Net [www.getpaint.net] The key to making selections in GIMP {quickly} is knowing how to use all the selection tools. Then, with practice, you'll know which tool to use for a particular photo. Check out some more free tutorials here and more advanced tutorials here Create 3D icons with an integrated Noun Project account in the 3D assets library. If you're already familiar with 2D icons or icon libraries like Icons8 or The Noun Project, you canmake them 3D super easy with just a few clicks.In Vectary you can browse through the library of assets and find hundreds of pre-made icons from The Noun Project

GIMP Tutorial: How to Design Website Icons in GIMP 2

If that is also not there, you are using a really old version of Gimp. Either upgrade you gimp to a newer version or learn how to make a rounded selection in the old way . Click OK in the 'Rounded Rectangle' Dialog to make our rectangle selection, well, rounded Creating a Pattern in GIMP. Load all the textures of your product into GIMP. You can load all of them into the same canvas, then control which layer is visible by clicking on the eye icons in the leftmost column of the Layers toolbox.; Click File and create a new canvas of any size. Select a brush pattern from the Brushes toolbox on the right. . Change the brush color to your preferred Another problem with using GIMP is that, by nature, the designs you create will not be scalable. You can scale down without a problem, but if you try to enlarge your image you're going to end up with pixelation, or in other words, the individual colored boxes that make up the image are going to become more visible Using Gimp to modify PDF files Gimp is normally used to create or manipulate images files, but can also work with PDFs if you understand how it works and what it's limits are For more about customizing the export using Export Layers, visit the plugin documentation page. You might also be interested in: Configure GIMP 2.10 To Use Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (How-To) Convert PDF to images (PNG, JPEG, more) from the command line using pdftopp

To make the size of your image the same as that of the circle, use the auto-crop feature. That is, go to Image > Crop to Content. You can also right-click and click on Image > Crop to Content Create a new layer by clicking the lower left icon on the Layer Dialog box. Now you know how to create your own logo which you can use as your signature mark. Watch out for more cool tutorials on the site! How to Make a Stylized Emo Effect in GIMP. How to Make a Colorful Line/Wavey Effect in GIMP Learning how to use layers in GIMP is crucial for achieving the creative vision you have for your images. In this article, you'll learn everything about GIMP layers to get the look you want. As well, you'll get answers to the seven most common questions beginners ask about GIMP layers You can't create an icon using the System.Drawing APIs. They were built for accessing specific icons from within an icon file, but not for writing back multiple icons to an .ico file.. If you are just wanting to make icons, you could use GIMP or another image processing program to create your .ico files

Create ico files (Windows Icons) - GIMP 2

GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software , you can change its source code and distribute your changes. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done How to create Android PNG Icons from an SVG using GIMP. 3. Quickly resizing canvas using border pixels to fill up new space in Gimp. 2. Resizing .SVG Files. 0. How to create perfect geometric triangle seamless pattern. 0. Convert PNG/JPEG/PDF map to SVG for laser cutting. 1. Prepare image as overlay. 2 The Tango Desktop Project is a set of guidelines that icon creators can use to make a consistent appearance in their icons. It's most famously displayed in Linux distributions, but you might also notice it in standalone applications, such as GIMP. Below, is a sample of the official Tango icons. We'll be replicating this look [TUTORIAL] Icons. step one: open gimp and the image you want to use. step two: select the crop tool and go to the tool options. make sure to check the fixed ratio box and put whatver size you want. when you go to crop your picture, they will always be that same indicated size. step three: sometimes, if the picture is to big, then the area you want to crop can be out of range If you are programming for Android then you know how hard is to create and manage all that icons for different screen sizes and resolutions. I am using GIMP for creating all my icons and was trying to find script for creating all that icons at once

Using whatever tool you wish, create the highest-resolution version of your favicon: I would suggest an image at least 256 × 256 pixels in size. Keep in mind that whatever you create will be reduced down to 16 × 16 pixels for the smallest version, so as a general rule you'll want to keep your design simple, clear and bold If that is also not there, you are using a really old version of Gimp. Either upgrade you gimp to a newer version or learn how to make a rounded selection in the old way . Click OK in the 'Rounded Rectangle' Dialog to make our rectangle selection, well, rounded Short tutorial explaining how to create transparent favicons (ICO files) for websites using GIMP free, cross-platform image manipulation softwar GIMP Quickies Use GIMP for simple graphics needs without having to learn advanced image manipulation methods. Simple Floating Logo This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Making a Circle-Shaped Image How to create a circular-shaped image

How to Make a Cool Icon for Websites With Gimp : 6 Steps

[TUTORIAL] - Using GIMP to create basic icons - Tutorials

  1. g from Photoshop, but this GIMP patch could make life a little easier
  2. Because of the way plugins communicate with GIMP, they do not have any mechanism for being informed about changes you make to an image after the plugin has been started.If you start a plugin, and then alter the image using some other tool, the plugin will often crash, and when it doesn't will usually give a bogus result
  3. In this GIMP Help Article, I'll be showing you how to easily create your own custom dot patterns! You can create patterns of any size for any composition, and this technique covers making your patterns seamless so that they evenly cover any document
  4. istrator rights, so create the File on your desktop and copy it to the folder after it
  5. I want to keep the nice blending to the background of the icon around the edges, the shape and everything that makes the icon look spiffy. I just want the main color to be something else. It took me a long time to figure out a good method (I'm no graphic designer!), but I eventually came a cross a really easy method that works well using trusty Gimp
GIMP - Borders On Selections

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  1. Blog Officially CLOSED: 9/2/17 [!] ALL TUTORIALS. Gimp Essentials ☞ Getting To Know Your Gimp Tools ☞ Getting To Know Your Tab Dialogs & More Gifs: ☞ How To Get Screen Captures With MPEG Streamclip (MAC & WINDOWS) ☞ How To Get Screen Captures With iMovie (MAC) ☞ How To Make A GIF (BASIC - SIMPLE VERSION) ☞ How To Make A GIF (MAC & WINDOWS) ☞ How To Make A GIF (MAC
  2. Make an Image Transparent in GIMP by Using Fuzzy Select Tool First of all you need to understand when to use the Fuzzy Select Tool . This tool is used quite often by designers when they have an image with a single background that needs to get transparent
  3. In Unity dash GIMP 2.8.10 has a icon and uses a different one in launcher. GIMP in Dash GIMP in Launcher I searched for GIMP in File System and got this. How can this be done while packaging.
  4. In addition to the Photoshop icons on the toolbox and Photoshop interface, you can now also use the shortcuts you used to use on Photoshop. One thing. Before doing the steps above, be sure to make a backup of the original GIMP folder in case you want to restore the default interface someday

Gimp Tutorials in this review include a handpicked selection of creative Gimp tutorials for intermediate and advanced users. Gimp is a free multiplatform image editing tool, using Gimp you can achieve pretty much everything what can be done in pricey Photoshop In the first and second GIMP layers tutorials that I created for this series, I have been working with layers that are filled in or have been painted on with a single color. Working with GIMP can obviously be a lot more complex than this as you can use multiple colors on a layer, combined with multiple tools and layer modes, and can also create new layers using imported images

You can use GIMP to add shine to those kinds of images. At the bottom of brush dock window, click empty sheet icon to create a new brush. 'Brush Editor' dialog box will open (See below image). Give your brush a name and change the values as follows, (Only change following, leave others as it is When you create a path, it is automatically saved so that you can use it again later. You can view your saved path by opening the Path dialog box ( Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Paths ). Don't worry if you don't quite understand paths right now, we'll be covering them in more detail later

How to Create Icons: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHo

You might use your company's logo, but it could also be any image that seems to suggest or symbolize some quality or idea that you'd like to have associated with your website. Stick with simple images of just one or two colors that will be easily identified at a glance---intricately detailed images and photographs often become unrecognizable when reduced to icon size It appears the Photoshop icon theme doesn't work with the recent GIMP 2.10 (and the installation script doesn't work with the latest GIMP due to the configuration directory being changed), but that wasn't a problem for me as I was only interested in the pre-defined Photoshop-like keyboard shortcuts for GIMP, which still works with GIMP 2.10 Try enlarging your icons (Ctrl+MouseWheelUp) to a massive size and see if Windows picks up the larger icon, this will work even on standard DPI screen.(I use really really really large icons myself).. If using massive icons still only displays the lower resolution one, then it's a problem with the ICO file Install the Photoshop Icon Theme. Obviously, Adobe isn't going to be releasing the official Photoshop icon theme for GIMP any time soon, but a designer at Deviant Art, Doctormo, meticulously recreated the Photoshop icons and packaged them for GIMP.Head to the page and download the icons We use seamless texture tiles in website backgrounds, as pattern swatches in Illustrator or Photoshop, and even to create dynamic textures in game graphics (as seen in Tiny Wings, for example). Unfortunately for Photoshop lovers, there is no truly easy way to make a seamless tile in Photoshop

increasing size of icons, tool panels, etc

This post will show you how to make an icon pack to use yourself or share with others. From implementing individually, to creating APKs, you'll be able to get started with making your own icons. Use our Youtube Logo Maker to Create a Free Logo - Here's How: Video content online is growing every year as more and more people gravitate to other media channels aside from the traditional TV. More people are making YouTube videos online to entertain, help people on a certain topic, discuss issues, or blog about their own personal lives How to Make a Transparent Image Using The Gimp. 9. Mar 2011, If transparency is available the image will have to be created using part of the website's background as its own and would have to be then positioned with accuracy so that it blends following the website's background pattern

Creating 3D icons — Tutorials — gimpusers

How to Customize GIMP's User Interface (Theme and Icon Colors

With the proper images, it's possible to build an HDR image in Photoshop or GIMP. We've taken three of our images. The first one uses ISO 200 (very slow, better detail, less grain) and an f25 (blocks most of the light) aperture setting at a very fast shutter speed GIMP is a raster graphics editor application. SVG is a form of vector graphics. If you want to edit SVG files, you should install the inkscape package and use Inkscape instead. Also, beware that SVG is not totally scalable in the sense that you will get a good image at every size you scale to, so depending on what you are creating with it, you may need to draw different sizes of the image. To make sure everything's lined up correctly, grab a guide by clicking on the rulers at the top of your GIMP image window and drag down (denoted by the red arrow - the guide will be attached to your mouse until you release the click) until the guide is aligned with the top part of the July text

Quick Tip: How to Work With Vector Icons in GIMP — Medialoo

  1. If you are using an older version of GIMP, simply click on the Heal Tool icon in the toolbox). Now that I have my Heal tool selected, I'll hold the ctrl key and use my mouse wheel to zoom in on my image to the area I wish to heal
  2. This video explains how to make a YouTube icon that looks similar to my old icon design. This should help you out if you want to make a more professional cha..
  3. But those who use GIMP to make the background Transparent, they suggest using this tool. You can crop complex images - from a bird in a complicated background to hair - with ease. It's similar to Photoshop's Pen Tool
How to Blur a Part of Picture in Paint 3DHow to Create an Animated GIF Image with GIMP (with Pictures)How To Draw Simple Trees On A Map - Fantastic MapsGas Cylinder | OpenGameArt

Tool icons: These icons are buttons which activate tools for a wide variety of purposes: selecting parts of images, painting an image, transforming an image, etc. Section 1, The Toolbox gives an overview of how to work with tools, and each tool is described systematically in the Tools chapter 2. Open GIMP and then open the first image you want to animate.. 3. Go to the Layers dialogue box on the right hand side. Name the layer of your first image something distinctive. You now need to create layers with the rest of your images. Each layer is like a 'page' for your animation, just like the pages in a hand held animated booklet which you flick through to create animations Adding a mirror effect using GIMP's Flip tool requires you to know your way around layers. If you're eager to create a mirror effect, here's what you should do: Open GIMP 2.10 editor

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